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Customer Satisfaction

Opak Lens is the authorized distributor of Elegance lenses owned by Cihan Medikal.

All Elegance lenses with the name Opak Lens as the importer on the box are absolutely original products. Opak Lens supplies products directly from the manufacturer. Color images published in Opak Lens promotional catalogs and on the website were also taken from the manufacturer.

  • Opak Lens is not sold to end users and institutions other than opticians. Opak Lens' commercial addressee is the relevant optician establishments. Opak Lens is not a party in the commercial relationship between the user and optical stores.

  • After the lenses are purchased, even if the box is unopened, it is not possible to return the products whose original box is damaged or deformed.

  • After the user has opened the lens case, it should be stored without discarding the outer case. It is of great benefit to read the instructions for use on the inner surface of the outer box. Together with the outer packaging, bottles for annual lenses and empty blisters for monthly lenses should not be thrown away and kept. Lenses with their outer packaging + bottle and/or blisters discarded can NEVER be included in the scope of customer satisfaction.

  • If the end user is to make a request within the scope of customer satisfaction, he must apply to the optician where he purchased the lens and fill in the "User Customer Satisfaction Form" completely.

  • Torn lenses can NEVER be subject to customer satisfaction.

  • Lens color change requests cannot be evaluated within the scope of customer satisfaction.

  • It is not possible to return-cancel-exchange lenses that are out of stock and that are specially brought from abroad by personal order, in any way or for any reason.

  • Basic curve (BC), diameter and similar production parameters of Elegance lenses are available in Opaque Lens' promotional catalogs and on the website Users should check whether these parameters are suitable for their prescriptions when purchasing the lens.

  • Lenses removed from the bottle or blister for the first use should not be placed directly on the eye. After taking it out of the package, it must be washed thoroughly with contact lens solution and then put on the eye. Since much more protective chemicals are used in bottles and blisters, lenses that are worn directly into the eye without rinsing with the solution may cause eye irritation (redness) due to these substances.

  • Since solution compatibility and performance are very important in lens use, we recommend the use of Elegance AquaFresh and Elegance Natura solutions, which are perfectly compatible with Elegance lenses.

Customer Satisfaction transactions are valid if all the above conditions are fulfilled.

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