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Elegance Freshcolors Toric

Yearly Color Toric Lenses


Color lenses for users with astigmatism problems

If you have astigmatism and want to use color contact lenses, you can find beautiful color options at Elegance Freshcolors Toric. Elegance Freshcolors Toric, can change your eye color while achieving astigmatic correction.

Due to its special coloring technique, Freshcolors provides a more natural look than other color lenses. Freshcolors, which has eight beautiful and natural color options including Cloud Sterling Gray, Emerald Brilliant Blue, Gray, Green, Marigold Pure Hazel, Olive Gemstone Green, Serenity Blue and Tangerine Honey, pleases users with its natural colors and comfort.

Always clean and keep your Elegance Freshcolors Toric lenses comfortable with using Elegance Aquafresh and Elegance Aquafresh Natura multi-purpose lens solutions.

Duration of Use: Yearly

Material: Polymacon

Water Content: %38

Diameter: 14.50

Base Curve: 8.60

Powers: 0.00 / ±25.00

                    0.00 D /±6.00 D (0.25 D intervals)

                  ±6.50 /±25.00 (0.50 D intervals)

Cylindrical: -0.50 /-7.00 (adds 0.25 D)

Axes: Between 5° and 180° (adds 5°)

Package: 1 piece in single bottle

The images above are only to give an idea about the colors.

Since contact lens colors can vary according to the users' own iris colors, the above colors should not be expected to be exactly the same for each user.

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