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Elegance Comfort Toric

Silicone Hydrogel Toric Lens

Natural stabilization by gravity

In addition to the comfort it offers to contact lens wearers with all astigmatism problems;

  • For patients who do not compromise the stabilization stability provided by Prism Ballast design

  • In patients with a flat cornea

  • In patients with tight eyelids

  • On all oblique axles

It provides greater success than other design lenses.


Always clean and keep your Elegance Comfort Toric lenses comfortable with using Elegance Aquafresh and Elegance Aquafresh Natura multi-purpose lens solutions.

Duration of Use: Monthly

Material: Innafilcon A

Water Content: %45

Diameter: 14.20

Base Curve: 8.60

Powers: +6.00 / -6.00 (0.25 D intervals)

                    -6.50 / -12.00 (0.50 D intervals)

Axes: Between 0° and 180° (adds 10°)

Packaging: 6 pieces in 1 package

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