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Elegance Comfort

Silicone Hydrogel Lens

Whatever it takes for the perfect lens, Elegance Comfort lenses have it

  • Maximum performance from the first day of use to the last day

  • Moisture magnet

  • Excellent moisture retention with Hyaluronic Acid (HA)

  • Rounded edge design

  • Minimum level of conjunctival interaction

  • Minimum interaction maximum comfort

  • Low contact angle high comfort

  • Low friction coefficient smooth lens feel

  • Proper oxygen conductivity optimal health of the cornea

  • HD image sharp and clear vision

  • Whatever it takes for the perfect lens, Elegance Comfort lenses have it


User Benefits of Elegance Comfort Silicone Hydrogel Lenses

  • 2 Moisturizing Agents: Sodium Hyauluronate and GMMA: Prevents dry eyes. Provides slipperiness, high humidity and comfort.

  • Edge Cut (Profile) Rounded, Perfect Design: It transmits tears and oxygen to the eye more efficiently and provides maximum comfort.

  • Proper Oxygen Flow = Oxygen Flux: 7.4: Provides the oxygen needed by the cornea, helps protect the ocular tissue and prevents vascularization.

  • Low Contact (Wettability) Angle 29: Increases the wetting ability of the material. Tears are easily dispersed on the lens surface.

  • Low Modulus: 0.7 Mega Pascal: Makes the contact lens flexible. Contact lenses are not felt in the eye. Easy to wear and take off.

  • High Water Content of 45%: Makes the contact lens soft and moist. Increases comfort.

  • Design: Aspherical Design / HD Design: From the moment it is attached to the eye, it provides clear and sharp vision with enhanced contrast sensitivity.

  • 0.020 Low Friction Coefficient: The eyelids glide smoothly over the front surface of the lens. Irritation does not occur. Health and comfort increases in use.

  • Always clean and keep your Elegance SoftColors lenses comfortable with using Elegance Aquafresh and Elegance Aquafresh Natura multi-purpose lens solutions.

Replacement Schedule: Monthly

Material: Innofilcon A

Water Content: %45

Diameter: 14.20

Base Curve: 8.60

Power Range: -8.00 / +6.00 (0.25 D steps)

                             +6.50 / +8.00(0.50 D steps)                                               -8.50 / -12.00 (0.50 D steps)

Package: 6 blisters in 1 box

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