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Yellow Cats
Sasuke Red
Ninja Red
Kripton Red
Dragon Red
Elf Blue
Yellow Wolf
Org Red
Owl Yellow
Arog White
Dragon Green
Turkish Flag

Elegance Fancy

Crazy Concept Contact Lenses

Experience the fantastic transformation

How about surprising your surroundings with the predatory gaze of a dragon? Or would you prefer a cat, owl or wolf?
Or you can look like an Elf from The Lord of the Rings.
Or maybe you want to carry your nations flag in your eyes on national match days.

You can now create your own fantasy characters. You can get your Fancy lenses in all optical stores in Turkey.
Elegance Fancy contact lens collection includes 12 kinds of products with fantastic characters from Turkish and world cinema and eye colors and characters of science fiction heroes. By purchasing one of these products, you can take on a fantastic image you want with Elegance Fancy contact lenses not only with your clothes but also with your eyes.

Elegance Fancy contact lenses provide all-day comfort with their special raw material and coloring technique, as well as 6 months of use.


Always clean and keep your Elegance SoftColors lenses comfortable with using Elegance Aquafresh and Elegance Aquafresh Natura multi-purpose lens solutions.

Duration of Use: 6 - 12 months

Material: Polymacon 55% UV Protection

Water Content: 38%

Diameter: 14.50

Base Curve: 8.80

Powers: Plano

Package: Single Vial 

The images above are only to give an idea about the colors.

Since contact lens colors can vary according to the users' own iris colors, the above colors should not be expected to be exactly the same for each user.

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