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Detailed Cleaning

GP +Plus


Poloxamer %0.25,EDTA %0.10 and Polihexanide

%0.0002 in a buffered isotonic and sterile solution.

Before handling your lenses, wash your hands with bar soap and water and dry with paper towel thoroughly.

Place your lens on the palm of your hand and rub it carefully with about 8 drops with your index finger of your other hand for 30 seconds.

Rinse your lenses with Elegance GP Plus Solution.

Place your lenses in the case, and be sure to cover these with Elegance GP Plus Solution.

Keep lenses at least siz hours in Elegance GP Plus Solution (or overnight) to grant an adequate disinfection.

Once the disinfection process is done, you may insert your lenses directly to your eye or you may rinse them previously with Elegance GP Plus Solution.

Keep your lens case clean and be sure to replace the Elegance GP Plus Solution in your lens case daily.


Once opened the bottle should not be used after 60 days.

Store between 40C and 250C.

Maintain the bottle always well closed and store in a dry and fresh place, out of childrens’ reach.

Do not touch the dripper or dirty it.

In case of irritation, consult your contact lens doctor.

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