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Emerald Brilliant Blue

Meet the mysterious magic of blue...

Emerald Brilliant Blue is an exquisite lens inspired by emerald blue combined with exquisite moire drawing by Elegance Freshcolors. Emerald Brilliant Blue is a dark blue that gets full marks by users.

How can you use Emerald Brilliant Blue?

With Emerald Brilliant Blue, which takes its color from the night of the sky, you can achieve a perfect naturalness in daily use, while at night you can achieve an impressive appearance by applying a light make-up. You can make yourself happy with a bronze skin in the summer months...

Care and cleaning for Freshcolors lenses

Elegance Aquafresh and Elegance Natura solutions are strongly advised for maintenance of your Elegance lenses to have long-term wearing comfort and high protection of perfect bright colors of your precious Elegance lenses.

The images above are just to give an idea about the colors.

Since contact lens colors can vary according to the users' own iris colors, the above colors should not be expected to be exactly the same for each user.

Duration of Use:  1 - 3 months

Material: Polymacon 62%

Water Content: 38%

Diameter: 14.20

Base Curve: 8.60

Diopter Range: Plano /-6.00 (0.25 D Interval)

           -6.00 /-10.00 (0.50 D Interval)

           +0.50 / +6.00 (0.50 D Interval)

Package: 2 pcs in 1 Box

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